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GUMT - the GNU Users' Management Tool

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GUMT is a graphical user administration tool designed with QT and released under the GPL. GUMT has been created in order to install and manage a Linux network at the IUT (Institut Universitaire de Technologie) of CLERMONT-FERRAND, in France. As a consequence, GUMT provides to administrators powerful features. GUMT allows administrators to :

Furthermore, GUMT provides a system of templates that allows administrators to accelerate the creation of users. Many users have several characteristics in common, and it's quite boring for administrators to create all these users one by one, typing the same data (such as GID, shell, ...) each time. Thanks to templates, administrators don't waste time anymore : they only have to give to concerned users the same model and most of the fields requiered to add users are automatically completed : only the login is needed. A templates contains :

One other feature of GUMT is the automatic creation of users. Administrators just have to load a file with users' name, first name and template in it and the work is done !

GUMT has been successfully tested on :

GUMT is in fact a frontend to those commands : useradd, usermod, userdel, groupadd , groupmod and groupdel. Thus, GUMT should not damage your system. But please email me if you find any bug. You can also contact me if you have improved GUMT.

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